Welcome to the wonderful world of miniature horses. These kind, smart and beautiful creatures, have been a part of my family's life for over 29 years. Long-time ranchers, my late husband Dale, late son Randall and I, had spent a life-time with cattle. But after seeing our first mini, we haven't looked back. We bought a pair of minis then couldn't resist more. Our herd has been over 100 horses at times, but has stabilized at 50-60.

Over the years, we have raised and shown many national champions. Their bloodlines flow through our breeding program. Many of our offspring have won a mulititude of titles for their new owners in halter and performance.

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Velta Mcsperitt, littlemranch@aol.com Seminole, OK, (405) 382-3504
McSperitts Special Night Image takes all national top 10's at the 07 AMHA WORLD SHOW! Just an example of what we have for sale.
Grand daughter Megan and our 06 filly showing in Ada
This 08 colt placed 4th at R Nationals in Under weanling colts.
Grand daughter Megan and McSperitts Mr Electra Charger showing in Ada
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